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We launched a series of legal seminars on bankruptcy and credit rehabilitation at a homeless shelter for advocate groups concerned about the protection of rights and welfare of the homeless. We also investigated and called for action in relation to an incident at Seoul Station, one of the country’s busiest subway and train stations and often a temporary shelter for the city’s homeless, in which authorities systematically violated the civil rights of people who had no other place to go.
Improving the living conditions in temporary vinyl or plastic settlements continues to be a part of our efforts to improve the quality of life for those consigned to subsistence living. In supporting resident associations, we, in conjunction with students of the Judicial Research and Training Institute, offered legal advice and aid in specific projects aimed at obtaining government recognition of these settlements as valid residences for registration purposes, such as running a drive to put up doorplates on homes and helping with neighborhood cleanup efforts. Also, in cases launched in concert with the group “People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy” and “Minbyun” (Lawyers for a Democratic Society), we obtained favorable decisions, which held that administrative officials had erred in not granting requests for address transfers which involved temporary vinyl housing, even though they are not considered legal residences.
Recognizing that children are among the most vulnerable in our society, we teamed up the National Child Protection Agency to fight child abuse and to raise awareness of issues related to child welfare. After preparing a manual on legal issues related to their mandate, we provided training to Agency counselors and also provided advice to child protection facilities across the country. As part of our efforts to act as a bridge between organizations such as this and lawyers in the private sector who wish to contribute on a pro bono basis, we helped in the formation of a formal partnership between the Agency and the law firm of Hwang Mok Park in which the firm agreed to provide the Agency with legal assistance throughout the year.
Under tremendous pressure to succeed in today’s society, Korea’s youth are often overlooked as people entitled to certain basic rights. After participating as advocates in the activities of the Commission on Youth Protection, we continue to attend public hearings and present papers on both general and specific issues concerning youth protection such as inequalities inherent in Korea’s education system and setting limits on time spent on after-school studies at learning institutes.
Even with Korea’s Confucius values, our senior citizens of often hidden from mainstream society. The Korean Bar Association (KBA) established a group of lawyers committed to supporting elderly rights. We at Gong-gam worked within the KBA to propose and help form a Committee for Providing Legal Support to the Elderly. We also went further to assist KBA to enter into an agreement with the Korean Senior Welfare Association to provide legal education and advocacy to counselors at senior welfare centers nationwide in order to promote welfare issues and combat elder abuse.
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